Joanna Commander For Board Of Ed


Joanna is present in the community and she is accessible. She has immersed herself in being an active and involved Board of Education member. She has served on multiple Board of Education committees including Construction Steering Committee, Policy Committee, Athletic Policy and Review Committees, IEP Review Committee. She attends countless extracurricular activities including athletic events, concerts and mock trial competitions. Presently, Joanna is leading the effort to address alcohol and opioid abuse in our community by organizing the North Shore Coalition Against Substance Abuse. She is an assistant coach for the Sea Cliff Softball League and also volunteers for the League of Women Voters. She has deep respect for and is deeply involved in the community she loves.

Since joining the board three years ago, Joanna has worked tirelessly to reach out to all segments of our community. She has a strong leadership style and it has served us well. Joanna doesn’t wait for people to come to her—she proactively seeks out input from differing constituencies so that she can inform herself about all sides of the important decisions she may face. She is reasonable and thoughtful in her deliberations and is a model of decisive leadership. She is not afraid to confront a challenge and embraces the opportunity to work through obstacles—always seeking fair and just solutions. She takes everything she is involved with very seriously and expects others to do the same.  She commands respect, encourages differing viewpoints held in respectful debate and holds herself and others accountable in achieving results. She raises the bar for all in her quest for excellence!

As a retiree and taxpayer, Joanna understands the burden taxpayers feel, especially those on fixed incomes. She has been working with the board and our legislators to protect us from any further tax shifts from LIPA and remains committed to ensuring that our tax dollars are spent wisely without compromising the important programs the youth in our schools deserve.

As we welcome a new superintendent this fall, let us provide him with strong leadership that is supportive, experienced and positively reflects upon our great community!
Let’s re-elect Joanna Commander on Tuesday, May 16.

—Amy Beyer

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