Kindergarten Cafés Culminate Bread Study


To conclude their Bread Study, the kindergarten classes at Glen Head School ran cafés under the direction of their teachers. The decorative cafés had original themes and titles created by the students.

Bread_071316AIn June, excited parents and family members gathered in the hallways to be eagerly greeted by their “student hosts and hostesses.” The kindergarteners were dressed up in hats and aprons according to their respective café theme. Inside the classrooms, desks were arranged as beautiful tables with flowers and decorations to resemble a fabulous café with banquet tables filled with homemade delicacies and baked breads.

The students in each café took on the following jobs: bus boys and girls, waiters and waitresses, hosts and hostesses, kitchen workers, samplers, recipe book salespeople, cashiers, money changers and managers. The kindergarteners took their jobs very seriously and worked as a team to serve and please all those in attendance to the delight of all those who gathered to enjoy a delicious breakfast treat.

—Submitted by North Shore Schools

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