Kristina Heuser: A Light In Darkness


It is no secret that Glen Cove politics have been surrounded by controversy and adversity for years. It is time to put fresh blood and bright minds and hearts into the government of Glen Cove.

My name is Bonnie Spence Burke, I have covered many events for the paper and submitted many stories and photos for it. I have lived in Glen Cove for almost 17 years. I am now writing this letter with a heartfelt caring for the community that holds so many positive memories for me. I write this letter to broadcast to the people of Glen Cove a very important message for them to know. I believe that action talks louder then words. In my lifetime I have often believed people who promise the moon but do not deliver. How does one tell the difference in who will stand by us and keep their word when the going gets tough? This is an important question to ask when voting someone into politics. I believe that how someone has helped others in their time of need tells you who they really are. Anyone can be nice and friendly and helpful when there are no problems or struggles and an abundance of money. What is unique and special is to find a person who is smart, caring, brave, resourceful and giving during the tougher times and real problems. I am talking about the problems that rip at a person’s heart and soul. If a person can handle the toughest of times, then I believe that they can handle the best of times.

Kristina is a brilliant resourceful  attorney  who is tough enough to stand up bravely to protect her clients. Kristina will kindly , intelligently and smartly take on the meanest and cruelest of enemies and problems. Kristina is what a lawyer should be. She is fearless when fighting the tough battles for the good  people and she will not support anything unethical or cruel to another person.  Kristina supports and fights darkness in this world and most importantly, she never waivers when the obstacles get tough.  Kristina  doesn’t give up on a problem or a person because they run out of money to pay her. She doesn’t give up on them because the enemy they are fighting is more devious than she is. Kristina is a strong warrior against struggles of any kind. She finds the loopholes to save the situation and the people who are hurting.  She does this with an amazing calm that is so reassuring to those that put their trust in her. I know this because Kristina  has advised and guided me through the toughest time of my and my son’s life.

If Kristina Heuser can do and be all of these amazing qualities for her clients, then I truly believe that she will bring the same greatness to her role as Glen Cove City Councilwoman. God knows that we need this kind of excellence in our government .

If Kristina Heuser wins, then you can all be proud of your representative, because Kristina Heuser is everything that represents the best of America, women and politics.

I am asking everyone to please vote for Kristina Heuser for City Council to benefit the people of Glen Cove that I care so much about. I am so very  proud to be writing this letter on Kristina Heuser’s behalf. I am also extremely  proud to say that she is my attorney and very dear to my heart. Please choose her to help all of us .

—Bonnie Spence Burke

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