Landing Students Learn About Radio Production


Landing School students in David Smith’s fifth-grade class performed, recorded and produced a radio play titled, “Two Pigs, A Wolf and a Mud Pie.”  

Fifth-grade student in David Smith’s class are pictured with C. W. Post’s WCWP Radio Director Dan Cox.

The project was a collaborative effort between Smith and C. W. Post’s WCWP Radio Director Dan Cox. Prior to recording, Smith’s students rehearsed the script of the play—a mixed parody of classic fairy tales. Main characters included Wolf, Cinderella, Hansel, Gretel, Snow White and the Witch.

In addition to the characters, students served as sound effects technician, engineer and director.

The morning of the recording, Cox brought and set up his portable “radio station” and prepared students to perform their assigned roles. The experience provided students with a greater understanding and appreciation of the varied aspects involved in creating an audio or video production. “Two Pigs, A Wolf, and a Mud Pie” was an interdisciplinary unit of study as students learned and applied math, reading and writing skills in preparation of the performance.

Alain Benitez and Max Von Massenbach listened to the audio levels during the play.

The audio play will air on Long Island University’s WCWP Radio and be available as a podcast in early June.

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