Letter: GCTA Supports Opting Out


Public Education has been taken over by the high stakes testing of children. This has caused an over emphasis on getting students to perform on tests, especially in the subjects of English (ELA) and math in grades 3-8.  Space does not permit me to explain the complexities of the law, but you can see for yourself if you go to www.nysut.org/APPR. This law threatens teachers, administrators and school districts if students don’t or aren’t able to perform well on these exams. Therefore, test taking has taken the spotlight. Recently a moratorium has been placed on using these scores to evaluate teachers BUT, please do not be fooled! The law has not changed.

The Glen Cove Teachers’ Association is in full support of parents who are advocating against high stakes testing. We support a parent’s right to choose to opt their children out of the NY State assessments and any and all local exams that may be tied to a teacher‘s, principal’s or district’s rating. You will find an Opt-Out letter ready to use in this newspaper, compliments of the GCTA.

We hope that those in power at the state level will know we are serious. We are advocating to bring back the joy of teaching and learning. We demand that the arts in education and librarians be brought back into our schools at the level children deserve. Students should not be test performers. They need and deserve to experience a well-rounded, stimulating, hands-on education. We need to foster a love for learning in our classrooms, not be forced to over focus on scores. I call on this community to do all we can to have this insane law repealed.
—Karen Ferguson, President
Glen Cove Teachers’ Association

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