Letter: Majority Not Silent


Bob Pemberton says in his letter that “not that many Sea Cliff…property owners” will see the proposed RXR Garvies Point high-rise development. But he misses the point. These lawsuits are not about property-owners’ sight lines. These lawsuits are about what the ENTIRE population of and visitors to the Village of Sea Cliff will see and experience every day from our beloved beach, our concert pavilion, Memorial Park, Sea Cliff Yacht Club, Hempstead Harbor Club, Glen Cove Creek and harbor boating. These lawsuits are about the escalated traffic congestion that City of Glen Cove development will impose every day on Glen Covers as well as Sea Cliffians and Roslynians from its numerous simultaneous developments. These lawsuits are about environmental risk-taking.

For these reasons, we in Sea Cliff are not Mr. Pemberton’s wished-for “silent majority.” Instead, we are a vocal majority supporting Mayor Kennedy, our board and our caring fellow residents and neighbors in pressing irreversible size, traffic, and environmental factors that should concern all of us who love this area.

—Victoria and Hank Bjorklund

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