Letter: Villa Project Is Not Upfront


With most of everybody’s attention on the controversial Glen Cove waterfront project, the lesser-known Villa Project on the downhill site of Glen Cove Avenue took center stage at a city planning board public hearing March 1. The room was divided. Residents against the 176 units of condominiums cited traffic and environmental concerns, plus the displacement of more than 30 families who rent in houses and apartments currently on the designated property.

Those for the Villa were members of the Glen Cove Chamber of Commerce, saying that the new development would be good for their businesses.

“Glen Cove Avenue is the main gateway into this city,” a chiropractor said, repeating how applicant Dan Livingston of Livingston Development Corp. has described the building site.

Well, it isn’t. The main entrance is the arterial highway which ends at the city plaza, the post office and the firehouse. Glen Cove Avenue provides a convenient side entrance, which concerns us neighbors from Sea Cliff, Glen Head and Glenwood Landing.

We can only hope that Glen Cove citizens will continue to be vigilant about both projects and how they will impact on their community.

—Joe Krupinski

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