Letter: What A City!


Ask five people for their opinion of Glen Cove, and you will get five different responses. However, I don’t think anyone would argue the fact that Glen Cove is good to its senior citizens. Beside the fact that the city has its own hospital, fire department, police department, EMS, loop bus and a volunteer medical transportation program, Glen Cove houses a model senior center, renowned within and outside of Nassau County, and one of the events that is held annually is Senior Day. Each year, the mayor, along with a Senior Day Committee of representatives from around the area, host a party to honor, not only the area’s senior citizens, but also, our centenarians, of which there were 10 this year.

The heat was brutal, but it didn’t keep seniors and family members from coming to Morgan Park and celebrating life. The music was great, the food, delicious and the turnout, fantastic. This city and the surrounding area is filled with service-oriented, compassionate and dedicated people, and for that, we at the Glen Cove Senior Center say thank you. We are proud to be a part of such a wonderful community.

—Laurie Huenteo

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