LI-Kick Ends Second Indoor Season


By Jane Lawrence

Maggie Wynn receives strange looks every time she tells her friends and co-workers that she is on her way to play indoor kickball.

“People are just shocked,” said Wynn, who has played in every LI-Kick league since its inception and has never missed even a single game. “But, once you start, you usually don’t stop.”

Wynn, along with her friend, Jackie Korman, had been looking for something fun to do.

“We wanted something that would be social, but also a little competitive,” said Korman, “and we found it in this kickball league.”

League members gather during a break in the playoffs (Photos by Jane Lawrence)

It was the overwhelming popularity of the spring and fall outdoor leagues that encouraged LI-Kick’s founder, Glen Cove’s Sal Farruggia, to form an indoor league last winter and to offer an indoor league again this year.

“We are the only adult kickball league on Long Island to offer kickball indoors during the winter,” said Farruggia. “It’s really exciting.”

The winter league is played on Tuesday and Thursday nights in the gymnasium of the Glen Cove Boys and Girls Club and is, indeed, filled with excitement. While outdoor kickball is played on a field—and powerful kicks can extend far into the outfield—indoor kicks are limited in distance by the parameters of the four walls of a basketball court.  What might be a constraint actually provides a different sort of challenge for defending teams. Indoor kicks fly high up to the ceiling and ricochet off the rafters, the walls and even the basketball hoops. The enclosed court and the smaller ball used in the indoor league combine and deliver a very fast paced game.

“This winter we had four teams, with 12 players per team, for a total of 48 players,” noted Farruggia. “Most of the players have played in at least one of our outdoor leagues, but this time we have one team composed almost entirely of newbies.”

That “newbie” team, BYO4L, is comprised of a core group of friends from the Mineola area.
Chris Silverman, team captain, said, “None of us had played kickball since grade school, but we just decided to try this and we take it very seriously. We definitely are going to continue as a team and will be signing up for the spring league.”

Co-captain Carlos Upson designed a team sweatshirt that all team members wear during their games and the dedication of this new team put them in second place going into the playoffs.
Umpire Chris Borer of Glen Cove was referee for the playoffs and the finals, as well as all games played during the regular season.

“These people are serious,” said Borer, “and I’ve had to make some serious calls.”
The season ended with a surprise first place win by the Green Team, “You Can’t Sit With Us.” The team entered the playoffs as the lowest seeded team and managed to defeat the No. 1 seed and defending champions.

Farruggia, who played on this team, said, “In the six seasons I’ve ran this league, this is my first championship. It’s fantastic news!”

MVPs Nick Tonini and Keri Lippolis

Trophies were awarded to members of the winning team as well as to the indoor league MVPs, Keri Lippolis and Nick Tonini.

To learn more about LI-Kick, Glen Cove’s co-ed adult kickball league, visit them on the web at Registration for the adult spring league is currently underway. And, due to an overwhelming expression of interest, new this coming season will be a co-ed league for high school students as well. Referred to as “a better way to spend your Friday night,” the six-week high school league begins on May 15. Visit for further information or to register.

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