Successful Year For Little League


Gold Coast Little League hosted an end-of-season meeting to review the program’s milestones for success, discuss key learnings and brainstorm new ideas to continue to foster a “kid’s first” fair play philosophy. More than 22 volunteer coaches and members of Glen Cove’s Recreation Commission, including Councilman Michael Famiglietti (commission chair), Michael Zangari, Brian Simmons and Dan Cox attended the meeting.

Darcy Belyea, director of Glen Cove’s Parks and Recreation Department, highlighted the league’s first year statistics: 390 children participated in league play, from preschool children through high school students; more than 40 team sponsors participated in the program; there was a renewed spirit of good sportsmanship, team work and profitability, which stemmed from the league’s new management approach.

LittleLeague_073115A“There were a series of important decisions that we made when mapping out the imperatives for Gold Coast Little League that helped to make our first year of operation a productive one,” said Belyea.“We were able to offer affordable registration fees to our families and by contracting the concession stand business to Delicious Pizza and Mr. Softee franchisee, Bill and Sal Cottone, we were able to focus our volunteers’ efforts on supporting the needs of our players.”

Looking ahead to the 2016 season, the group discussed creating new sub-committees to focus on player ratings to ensure there are balanced teams, promotion and alignment with the Glen Cove Schools.

“I am very pleased with Gold Coast Little League’s year one progress report and appreciate the support of our young ball players, their parents, our coaches, the league’s sponsors and the Recreation Commission,” said Spinello. “When our intramural tee ball, baseball and softball players take the field each year, I am reminded of Glen Cove’s commitment to nurturing the talent, skills and principals of good sportsmanship that help make this sport America’s favorite pastime.”

“Ms. Belyea of the City’s Parks & Recreation Department has done an outstanding job working in partnership with the Glen Cove Recreation Commission to make Gold Coast Little League a year one success,” added Famiglietti. “We are looking forward to the outcome of the Mayor’s Trophy Tournament in August and to opening day of 2016 Gold Coast Little League.”

The other members of the Glen Cove Recreation Commission are Councilman Anthony Gallo Jr., Rich Borer, Peter Ciccone, Sal Farruggia, Brian Neice, Ken Pilla, Marty Shannon and Steve Tripp.

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