Man Takes Sledgehammer To ATM


On Tuesday, May 19, at 12:10 a.m. the Glen Cove Police responded to an alarm at the Bank of America ATM machine at 202 Glen Cove Ave. in Glen Cove. Officer Christopher Paolillo was the first officer to arrive at the scene. Upon his arrival he saw two men attempting to hide in bushes near the scene. When the officer approached the men, one of the men dropped a sledgehammer and they proceeded to run off in different directions.

Daniel Newton of Glen Cove

Paolillo chased one of the defendants down Pearl Street, across Sea Cliff Avenue onto Glen Cove Avenue and into 188 Glen Cove Ave. The man identified as 51-year-old Daniel Newton of Glen Cove was able to make it to the third floor of the building and locked himself in one of the apartments.

Glen Cove Police surrounded the building and posted officers outside of the apartment. Approximately 14 hours later the defendant came out of the apartment and was taken into custody by the Glen Cove Police.

According to Lt. John Nagle the police recovered the sledgehammer used and the surveillance recordings from the ATM, which shows the defendant and another yet unidentified man attempting to break into the ATM machine using a sledgehammer.

“Officer Christopher Paolillo’s actions in the early morning hours should be commended,” said Nagle. “He confronted both defendants and chased one into a darkened building up three flights of stairs without regard for his safety.”

ATMArrest_052915BAnyone with information regarding this crime are encouraged to contact Nagle or Det. Simmons at the Glen Cove Police Department at 516-676-1002.

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