May The Best Man Win


The coming mayoral election poses an interesting conundrum. The current mayor has extensive business and management experience in the corporate world and the contender is a teacher of physical education in the school district.

To add to that we have a $78 million dollar corporation (the city) with multiple departments handling all aspects of city operation, federal, state and county agreements, grants and regulations, contracts, complex land management and development, social responsibilities, and a plethora of other commitments that require expertise, knowledge and the ability to oversee all successfully; plus the ability to work with a city council.

I fully support anyone getting involved in the community, including political office, regardless of ability or experience or qualifications because it provides their ideas and input and show interest in the locale in which they live.

However, when I look at who will manage my taxes and the $78 million in other taxpayers contributions to the smooth and effective running of a city like Glen Cove, I have to evaluate whether a gym teacher who has only managed a salary and a lesson plan, had a Union negotiate his contract, managed basketball games, and other sports, has the background and qualifications to make the jump from the bush leagues to the major leagues and go from a high school sports coach to a coaching the equivalent of the Yankees or Mets, and compare this to the current city management.

And here I come up with another problem. If the mayoral contender has no real qualifications for the position, then if elected who will really be running the city and making certain the $78 million and all associated services and duties are done to the best advantage of the taxpayers.

Well, maybe the rules of the basketball court can be applied to management of a multimillion dollar corporation, but it certainly gives one pause.

In any event, I have a policy to evaluate candidates on qualifications, interest, a positive proactive campaign, and proven track record.

Wishing all running the best.

Glenn Howard, Jr.

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