Mayor Should Act On The Y


“It’s between two people,” is what Mayor Spinello wants the community to believe about the situation with the YMCA lease negotiations. He has tossed this phrase around ever since the community caught wind of the fact that another Glen Cove jewel, the YMCA, could be on its way out. Although the mayor attempts to sound genuine, I find it incredibly difficult to believe.

For the sake of argument, let’s give Mayor Spinello the benefit of the doubt and assume that he is truly uninvolved in the YMCA lease negotiations. If the mayor has not tried to keep the YMCA in Glen Cove, we must call his lack of involvement what it is—extreme negligence by our highest elected official.

Despite residents’ nonstop support and praise for the YMCA, the mayor refuses to act. No one does what the YMCA does better than the YMCA, yet Spinello has repeatedly shown the community he refuses to lift even a finger in order to keep it in Glen Cove.

For someone who ran on the campaign slogan that Glen Cove is “open for business,” it’s terrifying to see the mayor repeatedly fail to advocate for a Glen Cove-based organization that employs 250 people and has more than 6,000 members. The mayor is doing arguably more damage to the prospects of the YMCA staying in Glen Cove than the Neighborhood Association (the landlord) by failing to heed the cries of the community, essentially guaranteeing the YMCA’s expulsion. Reggie Spinello ran on promoting business and jobs, but appears unfazed by the fact that an organization with 250 employees and 6,000 members is about to be forced out of the community. The YMCA has repeatedly shown its willingness to serve Glen Cove—practically begging to stay— yet is on the verge of getting kicked out, and Reggie Spinello refuses to do anything about it.

Unfortunately, the YMCA would simply be another fatality for Glen Cove under Spinello’s leadership. Reggie Spinello had absolutely no qualms about kicking the Animal Lovers League out, citing complaints that neither he nor his office has been able to show any substantive proof of. Then, despite serving Glen Cove for 64 years, Cove Junior Baseball and Softball was kicked out by Reggie Spinello after a similar pattern. Now, taxpayers are on the hook and families are looking elsewhere for baseball.

Having lost two organizations dedicated to serving the community under this mayor is bad enough. Let’s ensure Spinello doesn’t allow another organization join them.

—Adam Ramadan

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