Muslim/Christian Dialogue


Brookville Multifaith Campus invites the community to a dialogue between two of its faith leaders on the topic of reformation in Islam and Christianity on Wednesday, May 20, from 7 to 9 p.m.

Dr. Sultan Abdulhameed, founder and facilitator of the Muslim Reform Movement Organization and Rev. Vicky L. Eastland, pastor of the Brookville Church, represent two distinct faith communities that share the same space. They believe that the future of both Islam and Christianity lies in the need for radical reform. Each will share about the history of their respective faiths and why they think reformation in both Islam and Christianity is necessary for their divine teachings to help humankind.  Following their dialogue there will be a time for open discussion and questions. Refreshments will be provided.

Dr. Sultan Abdulhameed

Abdulhameed was an influential leader in the Islamic Center of Long Island, Westbury Mosque, but left several years ago due to his belief in the need for reforms in Islam. Abdulhameed went on to found the Muslim Reform Movement Organization ( which has held their Quran studies on Brookville Church’s campus since its inception. Abdulhameed is the author of The Quran and The Life of Excellence, Outskirts Press 2010.  This book brings together verses from the Quran that teach methods of personal change. Each verse is accompanied by advice on how to use its wisdom in daily life.

“Reformation in Islam is an important issue, but most Muslims see the discussion of reform as a taboo topic for it infers that Islam is not perfect,” says Abdulhameed. “However, it is obvious that current disorder in Muslim culture and society has spiritual underpinnings that need to be addressed.”

Rev. Vicky Eastland, Minister of Word and Sacrament in the Reformed Church in America, has served Brookville Church for nearly three years. She received a master’s in theology and a master’s in biblical studies from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA.

Rev. Vicky Eastland

Eastland has been influential in building bridges of friendship and understanding between the three other faith groups represented on Brookville’s Multifaith Campus. Because of the alarming rate that churches are closing their doors, Eastland feels that unless there is radical reform in Christianity the established houses of worship will cease to exist.

“We have to open the doors of our churches to other faith groups who need a home because our society has become a melting pot of diversity. Many couples are meeting and falling in love with those of other faith traditions; inter-faith marriages are on the rise and these families need a place that fits their needs,” said Eastland.

Brookville Multifaith Campus  is at 2 Brookville Rd., Brookville. To find out more about this upcoming Muslim/Christian dialogue call 516-626-0414.

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