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Small business owners in Glen Cove now have another option when considering where to keep their office. YouOffice offers boutique office suites and coworking space, catering to small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups.

“We believe in simplifying the way the average small business owner rents space,” said Matt Probkevitz, owner of EquiShares Real Estate based in Cedarhurst, the parent company of YouOffice.

Mayor Reggie Spinello cuts the ribbon at the grand opening of YouOffice on Glen Street. (Photos by Tab Hauser)

The company has 11 locations, though only a few are branded as YouOffice. The newest location at 50 Glen St. offers its tenants elegantly designed private office suites, coworking space and event space, presenting an option for people who want an office outside of the home, near a town center, but don’t necessarily want to commute too far from home.

According to Probkevitz, the business model is based on a “virtual water cooler.”

“Today, people don’t need to travel as far,” he said. “When you commute to the city, you lose about eight hours a week. By staying local, we’ve created a situation where people can still go downstairs and visit restaurants, go to the bank, the post office or do some shopping. Glen Cove has all that, plus free parking.”

Probkevitz described the spaces as “upscale,” with high ceilings, chandeliers, painted walls and moldings. Additionally, each office is soundproofed and equipped with amenities such as high speed Internet, and the rates are all-inclusive, including electricity and cleaning. He noted that the office spaces have been compared to boutique hotels.

Ladies of Glen Cove get together for the opening

“We’re Hollywood glam meets industrial chic,” he said.

Offices start at $600 per month, which gives tenants access to their office seven days a week, plus a conference room. They also offer coworking space, allowing tenants to rent a desk in a shared office for as low as $275 per month.

Probkevitz noted that they don’t “nickel and dime” their tenants, but simply act as landlords. However, he said they do take it a step further by holding networking events twice a month so tenants can get to know each other and potentially use each other’s services.

They also offer classes on social media and have advisors as well as venture capitalists on hand, and to really help a new business get on its feet, YouOffice, in partnership with Equifund Organization, offers an interest-free loan of up to $10,000 for new business owners.

“Each building is like its own ecosystem,” Probkevitz explained. “Everybody gives each other business and helps each other thrive.”

Mayor Spinello and Matt Probkevitz inspect the different offices.

He converted the first building—an old movie theater—in Cedarhurst, where the company is based, and said they have helped more than 300 new businesses in Cedarhurst alone. They’ll be opening locations in Long Beach, Huntington and Rockville Centre later this year.

“We’re big believers in Glen Cove and Long Island,” Probkevitz said.

The Glen Cove location has 38 private office suites and a 7,000-square-foot coworking and event space, with all amenities included. After a few weeks, the space is about a third full.

A grand opening was held in late May, with wine and food tastings from various local vendors throughout the building; sponsors included Wild Fig, Starbucks, Glen Cove Diner, St. Rocco’s and Visco Wine. Mayor Reggie Spinello and members of the Glen Cove Chamber of Commerce attended the ribbon cutting ceremony to welcome the new business.

“We’re a one-stop solution for small business owners,” said Probkevitz. “We try to make it as easy as possible for an entrepreneur to reach their goal of having a successful business.”

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