Northwell Is A ‘Jewel’


There is a jewel in Glen Cove, named Northwell Health.
My saga started Easter Sunday with a fall resulting in a hip fracture. I was then transferred into the “Twilight Zone” of care, compassion and epitome of professionalism!

Northwell’s EMTs were on scene within minutes. They really are the unsung heroes, always there in time of need. Thank you, Christopher, Ryan, Alison and Officer Gillespie.

The emergency department hospitalist, Dr. Verma and RN Christine were in attendance immediately. I felt safe and secure.

Marvin, the young radiology technician, was ever so concerned and compassionate with my discomfort. He is such an asset to the system.

I seemed to sail through surgery with Dr. Josh Steinverzel. I was blessed to have such a skilled and compassionate surgeon.

The entire rehab department is above excellent. Dr. Christian was always available for any question or need. Those who meet him shall always remember his kindness and gentle ways.
The nurses, PCAs, PTs, OTs, RTs, PT assistants and volunteers are a hard act to follow!
There are not enough accolades I could use to eloquently thank them and describe how very grateful I am for their care. They always made me feel as if I was the only patient on the unit!

As a nurse, I know this compassion and care comes from within. You can’t fake it.
Never were short cuts taken by anyone.

The food was excellent. The nutrition staff who delivered the trays were very friendly and concerned with my needs. The hospitality cart staff was so joyful. Housekeeping kept the environment ever so clean, always with a smile and friendly words.

In my eyes, the nurses are magnet status. They all were so caring, friendly, educating, compassionate, always with kind encouragement.

The PCAs—a.k.a. Angels in Green—were always available with smiles, encouragement and strong helping hands.

Upon discharge, I felt like I was leaving my extended family.

I need to write this because I know there are people in the community that undermine Northwell, Glen Cove. It’s just not so. If you or a loved one becomes a patient, you’ll find out what a blessing Northwell Health, Glen Cove is when one is in need. Trust me, a retired nurse, all is well at Northwell Health!

—Pam B.

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