Nothing Wrong With Triple Crown


It may not be America’s pastime, but horse racing has the excitement and panache to rival the World Series, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup and U.S. Open in both golf and tennis as a sport to be reckoned with. Why then would Anton Community Newspapers call thoroughbred racing “decadent and depraved” in its May 18-24 editorial?

The Triple Crown is a drop-everything else event for true sports fan to watch while Pharoah and now Nyquist make their back-to-back places in sporting history. Leave the empathy and pathos for those poor horses who once pulled carriages through Central Park in Manhattan and lived less-than-deserved existences in overcrowded barns and with overused feed bags.
There is nothing like the Derby, Preakness and Belmont for us to partake, at least for three grand moments including this weekend’s finish, in The Sport of Kings.

—Joe Krupinski
Sea Cliff

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