Novel Set In Sea Cliff


By Gary Simeone

Sea Cliff is a picturesque, historic community and it is the central location in a new book by local author, Mary Anne Kelly. Twillyweed is the name of the book and it is a intriguing tale of love, loyalty and betrayal. Twillyweed is the seventh published book by Kelly, who resides in Rockville Centre.

“It is a romantic suspense novel like my other books in the Claire Breslinsky series,” said Kelly. “Claire is a professional photographer who finds herself drawn into some nefarious investigations.”

Sea Cliff is the backdrop of many of the scenes that take place in the book and the community’s unique architecture, shoreline views and artsy character are referenced many times during the course of the novel.

“There is only one Sea Cliff,” said Kelly. “It is a quirky, interesting community with the sea close by, all of the sailboats, the architecture and the artsy restaurants.”

SCAuthor_021016AKelly grew up in Queens and said she first heard about the community from her mother, who fell in love there many years ago.

“My mother told me before she met my father, she fell in love with another man in Sea Cliff and always remembers that area very fondly. She is over a hundred now and still talks about all the time she spent in Sea Cliff and all the wonderful memories she had there.”

Kelly said that in her book, she has many scenes that take place in the restaurant Once Upon A Moose.

“The restaurant does not exist anymore, but at one time it was a remarkable place to go,” she said.

Before becoming a published author, Kelly traveled the globe as a former model and lyricist. She has been to Milan, Paris and has even taken a year-long excursion in the Indian Himalayas.

“I’ve had so many great experiences in so many places in my life traveling and doing modeling for clothing catalogs,” said Kelly. “I happen to have a love affair with Long Island, though, with all of its beautiful beaches, the Hamptons and its proximity to Manhattan.”

Kelly said that as she got a bit older and her modeling career came to a close, she wanted to do something else and focused her attention on writing.

“I sat down and wrote my first book in 1990 and tried to get it published, but nobody wanted it. My second book, which was entitled Park Lane South-Queens, was a little more successful and I was able to get it printed and published.”

Since the publishing of her first book, Kelly has managed to get six other novels published including her current one, Twillyweed.

She said that she has finished two books that are not part of the Claire Breslinsky series and that she has another one in the works that takes place on the north shore of Suffolk County.

Kelly will be appearing at the Sea Cliff Library on April 7 at 7 p.m. for a book signing.

You can find more information about the author at her website,

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