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The Glen Cove City Council held two public hearings at the meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 23, in the main chambers of city hall, the first of which proposed amending a local law regarding the zoning board of appeals procedure. Some changes were made to the proposed amendment that was discussed and later tabled at the previous city council meeting after hearing public comments.

“There were two very minor amendments made to the proposed law, which did not change the intent of the law in any way, but were made for clarification purposes,” said Mayor Reggie Spinello.

The amendment allows for an expeditious procedure for the rendering of decisions of the Board of Zoning Appeals, allowing the board to render its decision in summary format, “setting forth the board’s decision and conditions imposed, if any, without enumerating detailed findings which formed the basis for its determination.”

“First, the amended law clarifies that within 30 days after the filing of the short form decision, an aggrieved party may demand that the board adopt and file a long form decision, instead of publishing  its findings which form the basis for its decision.”

The amendment allows for an expeditious procedure for the rendering of decisions of the Board of Zoning Appeals.
Spinello continued: “Similarly, the amended law also clarifies that in those rare situations, when an aggrieved party seeks judicial review without first requesting a findings statement… it is now provided without having first requested it.”

Resident Marie Rummo addressed the council with some concerns. She said she didn’t think the 30 day time frame was fair, as there could be cases where people may need more time to request the long form decision.

The resolution passed in a vote of 6 to 1; Councilman Roderick Watson, voted no.

“There are some aspects of the law that don’t sit well with me,” Watson said.

Mayor Reggie Spinello, Sgt. Miller, Jack Miller, Glen Cove Police Chief William Whitton (Second row) Glen Cove City Council members Nick DiLeo Jr., Efraim Spagnoletti, Pamela Panzenbeck, Roderick Watson, Joseph Capobianco and Tim Tenke

At the start of the meeting, police officer Brian Miller was recognized for his promotion to sergeant in the Glen Cove Police Department, based on the recommendation of police chief William Whitton when an opening became available after the retirement of Sgt. Thomas Wansor, who served in the department for more than 20 years.

“Based on a need that Mayor Spinello and I pinpointed to help Glen Cove seniors, Brian was appointed as the police liaison to our senior center as part of his varied GCPD responsibilities,” said Whitton. “It is an honor to promote PO Miller to Sergeant as I believe his skills and experience will provide valuable contributions to our police leadership team.”

Joining Miller at his promotion ceremony was his wife Jenna, father Jack, who is Commissioner of Police for Kings Park and members of the Glen Cove Police Department and PBA.

“It is an honor to acknowledge the achievements of a man whose dedication to our community has been exemplary,” said Spinello.

A lifelong resident of Glen Cove and graduate of Glen Cove High School, Miller joined the Glen Cove Police Department in 2008 after serving as a forensic firearms examiner and microscopist in the New York Police Department Firearms Analysis Section of its Forensic Investigation Division.

Prior to his promotion Miller, a Certified Field Training Officer, played a critical role for the department as a liaison to the Glen Cove Senior Center.

The recipient of a commendation for bravery during Hurricane Sandy, Miller will continue his commitment to ensuring the safety and security of the Glen Cove community as a vital member of the Glen Cove Police Department.

“All of us at the center know how hard you have worked to earn this promotion. Your weekly visit to the center was a great blessing to the seniors,” said Shirley Pinckney, a senior advocate at the Glen Cove Senior Center. “You are special to our seniors and to our community.”

She said he is always welcome at the center.

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