Opportunity Knocks In Glen Cove


By Reginald Spinello, Mayor of Glen Cove

Doors are opening in Glen Cove. With opportunity knocking, it is a pleasure to open the door to new businesses and community Town Hall meetings while we close doors in our aggressive effort to stop illegal housing in our city.

As I have said, Glen Cove is open for business and we are excited to welcome three new businesses this week. I enjoyed participating in Panera Bread’s bread breaking ceremony along with company executives, members of the Glen Cove Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Business Improvement District and the Glen Cove community. Book your appointments now as Massage Envy, a pioneer in affordable massages and spa treatments, opened its doors in the North Shore Triangle/Staples shopping center. And, for those looking for a new office option, do visit You Office at 50 Glen St., the hottest boutique office suites and co-working space.
Open dialogue and open government are critical to our collective success. I invite you to join us at our upcoming Town Hall meetings on June 11 at Deasy School and on June 18 at the Landing School. Beginning at 7 p.m. we will give you insider’s look at City Hall, listen to what’s top-of-mind in your neighborhood and share with you a new City of Glen Cove information kit that provides details about the services provided by all of our departments.

In fact, one important topic that has been on the minds of many is illegal housing in Glen Cove. For the record, we are aggressively and successfully tackling this quality of life issue and taking a strong stand on illegal occupancy and overcrowding that affects all of our residents. From January through May 15, we have successfully prosecuted 26 cases with $86,000 in fines issued to date and we have another 30 cases pending. We are making substantial progress, but there is still more work to be done.

Another critical part of our commitment to Glen Cove residents is strong financial oversight of our city’s budget and addressing the issues that have been overlooked for many years. The results of my administration’s budget for the first quarter of 2015 reveal that Glen Cove is moving in the right direction with reduced salary and overtime costs. Total annual salaries for the first three months are the lowest they have been in the past three years. Revenues collected in the first quarter are also higher than last year at this time.
We have also recently appointed a citizen’s commission to review our city’s charter. The charter outlines the governing standards and practices for the City of Glen Cove and has not been updated since 1997.

I hope you enjoyed Glen Cove’s Memorial Day weekend activities and opened your hearts to remember those who have served to protect our freedom. It was an honor to recognize our veterans and acknowledge this year’s honoree Col. (Retired) Anthony J. Anzalone. I also want to thank the Glen Cove Memorial Day Parade Committee for their outstanding work as well as all of the parade’s participants.

As you plan your calendar for the coming weeks, do join the City of Glen Cove and our Beautification Committee for the Great American Cleanup Day which is rescheduled for Saturday, May 30 at 9 a.m. Residents are asked to meet at the parking lot adjacent to 69 Glen St. Then, on June 5 at noon, the Glen Cove Senior Center will host “A Brush with North Shore History” sponsored by the S.A.G.E. Foundation. The event will feature a ribbon cutting ceremony to open a new gallery exhibit featuring the paintings Glen Cove and the North Shore by area artist Charles Van Horn, an artist demonstrations and reception.

On a final note, with the school year coming to an end please take a moment to thank your child’s teachers for all of their hard work and dedication to the education of your children. The lessons I learned then still help me today as we work together to ensure a bright future for our city.


  1. What about the YMCA and its 6000 members very possibly leaving Glen Cove along with more businesses LEAVING than opening. The new businesses filling a small amount of the empty spaces are filling those businesses who failed because the City of Glen Cove is falling.. Even the developer of the Villas said it mde him so sad when he walked around Glen Cove looking at the empty stores and seeing the sad faces of the shopkeepers.. This City is in deep debt and its getting worse. I dont think we can be fueld by “happy speak” any longer..Its an election year! What else are the politicians going to say??

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