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Local musician Gianni Paci is releasing a new music video this week, proving that, with right mix of talent and commitment, it’s possible to do what you love. The Oyster Bay grad has been working hard at his craft, steadily recording and releasing songs and videos—as well as performing live—for the past few years. “The Way” will premiere at Performer Magazine ( on Wednesday, Aug. 10.

This video is his directorial debut and he is happy with both the experience and the outcome.
“This was my first time directing, so it was all on me,” said Paci. “It was lots of pressure, but I’m happy with the way it turned out.”

He said it took about four days to secure the location and get everything in place, but the shoot itself took just five hours, followed about a half a day of editing.

Gianni Paci’s “The Way” will premiere at on Wednesday, Aug. 10.

For the video, which was shot in Westbury, Paci recruited friends to be a part of the experience. He went to Oyster Bay High School with most of the cast and crew, including Emily J. Eisenberg (cinematography), Noelle Kovary, Matt Mahoski, Lizzy Gurdus and AndrewGeorge (acting).

“The Way” is the first song and video on the next wave of his latest four-song EP, Smoked The Wrong Stuff, to be released Sept. 16, which he describes as lyrically “more provocative” than his last EP.

“I wrote ‘The Way’ about being in love with someone who you know is not good for you,” said Paci. “It’s one of those relationships where you start to doubt yourself because you didn’t realize you weren’t strong enough to escape the abuse so quickly. So you kind of have to take a step back and re-evaluate who you are and where you want to go…and if you want to grow and move on, or if you want to stagnate in the other person’s shortcomings. It’s kind of a metaphor for my relationship with my musical aspirations, and I wanted to bring all of that into the direction for the video, where you see the girlfriend (Noelle Kovary) coming into her own and taking control of her situation.”

“The Way” features graduates of Oyster Bay High School.

Paci has shared the stage with Ace Frehley of Kiss, Steven Adler of Guns N Roses and the late Mike Starr of Alice In Chains and toured with the Butthole Surfers. His songs were recorded at Cove City Sound Studio in Glen Cove with producer Eren Cannata.

Paci will be opening for Richie Cannata and the Lords of 52nd Street at Downtown Sounds in Glen Cove on Friday, Aug. 12.

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