Paying Homage To History


The Glen Cove City Council held its July 26 meeting at the North Shore Historical Museum as a way to give residents an opportunity to explore the historical building.

Amy Driscoll, director of the museum, thanked everyone for coming and gave some background on the building.

“The very first town hall meeting was held here,” said Driscoll. “This was the Glen Cove Police Station, it was the court, and for a brief period of time in 1919, it was a hospital. We’re a well-used building for the community and we’re happy to host you here.”

The council passed several resolutions, including one regarding a potential zoning change for the First Presbyterian Church on North Lane; under the current zoning, the church is not allowed to sell the residential property, which is no longer needed by the church.

City_080316AThe next two resolutions regarded grant applications, one in an amount of $800,000 or less to enter into and execute a project agreement with the state for financial assistance for the western gateway to the downtown and waterfront, the second for $525,000 for the engineering and design report for the remediation of the East Island bridge tidal gates.

“Dosoris Pond receives storm water that stagnates and accumulates pollutants and sediments due to lack of water movement resulting from the failed tidal gates,” said Mayor Reggie Spinello. “The increase of water fowl and wildlife resulted in high levels of pathogens and nutrients leading to algae bloom that threatens the ecosystem. Soil erosion is prominent in a portion of the pond.”

“This will allow the city to get an engineer to come in and look at this and get their recommendation,” Myralee Machol. “It’s not just for the residents, but for everyone who goes down there.”

Machol said the other grant application is for planning purposes in order to look at the area around the ball fields for recreational use.

“It’s a planning study, which will allow us to do some rezoning and to look for some potential brownfields and make compatible with the ball fields which are already there,” she said, noting that this grant is a 50-50 match.

At the beginning of the meeting, Spinello explained that the comments would be welcomed but the council would not be answering questions; questions were requested to be emailed, which Spinello said would be answered by him shortly in the following days.

Resident Jack Vilella addressed the council and questioned whether a recent flier that was sent to all Glen Cove homes was paid for with tax dollars or by RXR. Spinello said RXR did not pay for it. Vilella then spoke about a planned picnic/public forum scheduled for Aug. 6 in Morgan Park, saying that a permit to hold the picnic was revoked by the city. (The picnic will be held at Garvies Point Preserve instead, beginning at 4:30 p.m.).

George Pombar spoke on behalf of the Glen Head Glenwood Civic Association about the Garvies Point Project.

“We feel the footprint due to the height of the proposed buildings is too large,” said Pombar. “The amount of traffic the project would create is a major issue…in case of an emergency, we can’t get out.”

Visit to read the complete resolutions or to view the meeting.


  1. GCRP, thanks but you got the story wrong. City Hall issued a permit for the event and then subsequently revoked it. They did not deny the permit. The mayor did not propose an alternate location, however, we ARE having our community picnic on Saturday, August 6th starting at 4:30PM at Garvies Point Preserve (picnic area is next to the museum). All are invited and we look forward to seeing you there.

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