Pee Wee Players Honored For Super Bowl Win

The Glen Cove Jr. Football Pee Wee Cardinal players were honored on Dec. 27, 2017, by the City of Glen Cove. (Photo by Tab Hauser)

The youngest football players in Glen Cove proved themselves champions during the fall season, and the accolades continue. The Glen Cove Jr. Football Pee Wee Cardinal players were honored at the Dec. 27, 2017, Glen Cove City Council meeting for winning the tier two super bowl championship on Nov. 19, where they defeated North Babylon with a score of 12 to 6. Coached by Damon Garner, Mike Palmieri, Tony Palmieri and Steven Basile, the group of second- and third-grade boys played an excellent season, winning two playoff games before heading to the championships.

Mike Palmieri thanked the team mom Maggie Rup and all of the families who supported the team members throughout the season before presenting each one with a certificate.

“Thanks to all of you for getting the kids to practice three nights a week and Saturdays,” he said. “I know it’s a stress on every day life, but you’ve got champions now.”

Several of the Pee Wee Cardinal cheerleaders were also at the meeting, and had the honor of leading the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.

During the meeting, the council voted to amend a previous resolution regarding the eligibility of service credits for certain city employees. On Dec. 13, 2011, the Glen Cove City Council adopted a resolution suspending health benefits for specific employees. The current resolution will allow the city to count periods of service in these non-benefits eligible positions toward the eligibility requirements for continuing health insurance in retirement.

City controller Sandra Clarson explained it is merely a housekeeping resolution.
The council also passed a resolution authorizing the city to accept a land grant in the Village Square plaza, giving the city control of the area for public use.

The council voted to reappoint John DiMascio and Andrew Kaufman to the planning board, for a term effective Dec. 27, 2017, through Dec. 27, 2020. Resident Drew Lawrence said the appointment terms are in violation of the city code. Councilmen Tim Tenke and Roderick Watson voted against appointments.

Praise For Mayor, Council

Once the business was taken care of, Mayor Reggie Spinello opened it up, giving each council member a chance to say a few words .Councilman Nick DiLeo said he is looking forward to continue serving the city.

It was the last meeting for Councilmen Watson and Efraim Spagnoletti, who said, “It’s been an honor and a privilege to serve two terms. I thank everyone for coming down and sharing opinions. I want to thank Mayor Spinello—I know he has worked hard. We may not always agree, but he has always been respectful towards me. We have moved the city forward in the right direction.”

Watson spoke about diversity, racism and overcoming personal challenges in running for city council.

“One of the main reasons I ran was that I never saw a diverse council,” said Watson. “For two years Glen Cove got a chance to see diversity. The mayor and I have sometimes not seen eye to eye, but at the end of the day, I respect him. Two men can always disagree as long as they keep it respectful.”

Councilwoman Pamela Panzenbeck, who will return for a third term, said, “I’d like to thank my dear friend Reggie Spinello and his wife, Coleen. He has worked tirelessly. He has moved the city forward in a manner that no other mayor has before; whether you like it or not, you have to agree with me, he’s done a fabulous job.”

Councilman Joseph Capobianco thanked Watson, Spagnoletti and Spinello for their service, telling the councilmen, “You guys always have it in your hearts to do what’s best for Glen Cove” while saying about the mayor, “Glen Cove is a much better place than it was four years ago.”

Tenke, in his last meeting as a councilmen before taking over as mayor, also thanked Spagnoletti and Watson for their “service, honesty and integrity” and said to Spinello, “It’s been a pleasure working with you, Reggie. I believe you always had Glen Cove in your heart to do the right thing and I believe Glen Cove is moving in the right direction. We want to continue moving in the right direction.”

Tenke also thanked deputy mayor Barbara Peebles for her service, then passed the mic to Spinello, who had the final word at his final meeting.

“What an amazing four years it’s been,” said Spinello. “To sit in this chair is an honor beyond belief and one that I’ll always treasure. Many people don’t realize the most important people in government are your local elected officials. They have the ability to effectuate change that will impact your quality of life and your wallet…I’m pleased to say I’ve delivered on all of those promises I made four years ago and because of it, Glen Cove is now a better place; Glen Cove is once again alive.”

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