Re: Nassau Contract With Bo Dietl


(Below is a copy of a letter sent to County Comptroller George Maragos from Assemblyman Charles Lavine)
Dear Comptroller Maragos:

As Nassau County’s fiscal guardian, I urge that you immediately conduct a public hearing to investigate the shameful revelation that our taxpayers have been paying Bo Dietl for purported services that appear to be entirely unnecessary and gratuitous.

Answering the questions of how and why the County entered into contracts with Dietl and who engineered these contracts will serve to put our officials on notice that the people of Nassau County will no longer enable their elected officials to engage in callous manipulations of the law for the sole purpose of financially rewarding their supporters and friends.

This is yet another in a lengthy list of embarrassing political conduct in our county. Each ensuing instance serves to enhance public cynicism. For those of us who believe that government is the organizational extension of community and who believe that service to the public should trump private gain, it is time to say that we have had enough.

It is my earnest hope that you will use your good office to fully address this most recent incident of humiliation.

Charles Lavine

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