Ready For Change


Coming back to Glen Cove after a lengthy absence was a bigger pleasure than I had anticipated. It was an unusually long trip, however, even the 45 hours of transit could not stop me from accepting the invitation to the Tony Gallo for Mayor headquarters opening.

I went there hoping that a hot shower and a splash of cold water would effectively hide my tired appearance, but the first sight of a bright, cheerful office upon entering gave me a second wind.

The big smiles and warm hugs told me told me how glad they were to see me much more than words could express. The place was boiling over with enthusiasm. Truly, it seemed more like a birthday party. Come to think of it, it was a birthday party: the announcement of the birth of a government that would respect the mandate of the people who elected it. A novel idea after years of overlording administrative governments.

A novel idea and easily doable, like all the things that are good and just; however, first we need to effectively do away with the “business as usual” model that has caused so much damage to Glen Cove as well as to our country.

People seem to be ready for better and when people are ready, changes happen with or without PR people.

I have only one little complaint for the Tony Gallo for Mayor headquarters “birthday party”: in spite of the respectable size, there was barely any room to move around. It is obvious that they did not expect so many well-wishers to cheer him and his team.

Oh well; too close, yes, but still comfortable. I suppose that is the miracle of goodwill.

—Filomena Ricciardi

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