SAFE Glen Cove Coalition: The Community Has Spoken


safecoalition_110916aThe SAFE Glen Cove Coalition held their Sustainability Planning meeting last month to discuss the results of their recently designed survey to poll the community regarding the need for reinstatement of alcohol and mental health services, especially for youth ages 5 to 17. This data, combined with data from coalition sectors that include the Glen Cove School District, Glen Cove EMS, Glen Cove Police Department, Glen Cove ER and SAFE outreach and clinical services, will provide the foundation for grant writing and other funding opportunities.

The data collected was a statistically significant representative sample for the coalition to proceed with pursuing a Youth and Family Counseling Center. Overall, the data indicated 49.86 percent of responses were youth between ages of 14 to 18. The rest of the data was obtained from ages 19 to 65 and over. This is a salient point when applying for funding for a Youth and Family Counseling Center to serve youth between 5 and 17. Alcohol, depression and anxiety are the top three areas of concern followed by marijuana, tobacco and prescription drugs. Responses indicate that 62.18 percent want youth services, 53.22 percent counseling, 53.72 percent treatment and 49.43 percent want prevention services. And 85.91 percent responded yes for the need of a Youth and Family Counseling Center.

Next steps for the SAFE Glen Cove Coalition are to collate all community data and discuss a strategic plan for the implementation of the center.

The mission of the coalition is to eliminate alcohol and substance abuse in Glen Cove. The coalition is overseen by SAFE’s board of directors and co-chaired by health teacher Tony Gallo and SAFE executive director Dr. Sharon Harris and led by SAFE board chair and strategic planner Georgie Connett.

The coalition is aware of the community’s needs through its ongoing collaborative efforts. It is composed of 12 sectors of the community which are: youth, youth-serving organizations, parents, business community, media, school, law enforcement, faith-based organizations, civic and volunteer groups, healthcare professionals, state, county and local governmental agencies and other organizations with expertise in substance abuse.

To take the survey and for more information about SAFE, Inc. and the SAFE Glen Cove Coalition visit or or call 516-676-2008.

—Submitted by SAFE, Inc.

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