SAFE Implements Peer Mentoring


The Finley Middle School’s sixth-grade class was recently visited by members of the Student Athlete Leadership Team (SALT). SALT members discussed life skills they learned through their participation in after school activities and the impact those skills have had on their later lives. SALT members encouraged middle school students to get involved in after school activities, be it sports or other activities that interest them as an alternative to idle time where many negative behaviors begin.

SAFESalt_121615AThe School Committee of SAFE’s coalition is chaired Denise Kiernan, director of health, physical education and athletics for the Glen Cove School District.

Kiernan said, “The SALT mentoring program is for students at Finley Middle School to learn about healthy decision making skills while working with student leaders in the high school athletic program who demonstrate positive leadership skills. This program encourages students to become leaders on and off the field.”

As a part of the presentation, SALT team members broke students into small groups to demonstrate the importance of team building activities. This gave students the opportunity to work together to accomplish a common goal. Students responded well to this activity and engaged actively appearing to enjoy it.

SALT members believe that by sharing their personal stories they can help younger students learn the importance of perseverance and overcoming difficult obstacles ranging from a sports injury to a difficult class.

“The goal of SAFE Inc., is early intervention and prevention in an effort to teach kids how to make healthier decisions in the future. The SALT student led workshops aim to enhance SAFE’s Life Skills Training that works with middle school student to develop healthy self-images. It is important that kids learn to develop peer resistance skills needed early on to resistance engaging in unhealthy behaviors,” said Ashley Ferrufino, SAFE Coalition liaison.

The SALT program will continue to visit the Finley Middle School throughout the year to discuss topics ranging from peer resistance skills to the negative effects of alcohol and substance use.

For more information about SALT or other SAFE Coalition initiatives contact SAFE at: 516-676-2008 or visit

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