SAFE Prevention Model Honored


Last year, Glen Cove was recognized as one of the safest cities in America by Safewise, a community-focused security organization that researches community safety.

According to Safewise, “Relatively diverse, Glen Cove takes the health and safety of its residents seriously. Glen Cove supports “S.A.F.E.” (Substance Abuse Free Environment), a community organization that works with other nonprofits, city government, and local businesses to eliminate alcohol and substance abuse.”

Using 2013 crime data, Glen Cove was ranked number 76. With a population of 27,134, Glen Cove received these rankings based on low statistics of violent crimes and property crimes per 1,000 people. 0.62 percent of violent crimes per 1,000 and 5.41 percent of property crimes per 1,000 were yielded.

This year, Glen Cove was ranked number 21. Safewise stated, “Every community has its priorities. Glen Cove’s is to improve the health and safety of its residents. Supporting the model, SAFE Glen Cove works with other not-for-profit organizations, government and nearby businesses to raise awareness about substance abuse. By tackling this issue, the town aims to make roads a safer place and its citizens healthier people”.

“This ranking is not surprising given the close network of collaborators through the SAFE Glen Cove Coalition that strives to change societal norms about alcohol and substance abuse and to address the risk factors that contribute to them,” said Georgie Connett, SAFE board chair and strategic planner.

The coalition is overseen by SAFE’s board of directors and co-chaired by SAFE executive director Dr. Sharon Harris and high school health teacher Tony Gallo. It is composed of every sector of the community, including youth, parents/youth caregivers, business community, media, school, youth-serving organizations, law enforcement, religious organizations, civic organizations, healthcare professionals, local government and local agencies with expertise in the field of substance abuse and associated issues.

“For the last 13 years, the coalition has dedicated itself to its mission of eliminating alcohol and substance abuse through strategic planning using local prevention needs assessment data and with support from the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS),” said Connett. “It is greatly rewarding for SAFE and the coalition and the City of Glen Cove to be acknowledged again by the Safewise organization.”

For more information about the SAFE Glen Cove Coalition or other SAFE initiatives contact SAFE at: 516-676-2008 or visit or

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