Sara Jones For School Board


I strongly urge everyone to vote for Sara Jones for school board in the upcoming elections on Tuesday, May 17. It is essential we get gifted, responsible, analytical, hardworking members on the board. Sara is just such a person. Sara has been an outstanding member of the school board for the past three years. She has been in the forefront of bringing cutting edge science, math and computer skill development programs to the district  such as MAKEshop which builds upon children’s digital skills to make math and science fun to all elementary age students.

Sara has also demonstrated an extraordinary ability to act strategically while working within budgetary limits including the guidelines of the property tax cap. She does this because she has the essential business acumen needed to keep our schools fiscally sound and at the same time a top achieving district. She is an innovative highly successful CEO and business owner of a national catalogue based trophy and awards company. I have seen Sara’s skills first hand. Sara is a gifted problem solver. She was  the tireless treasurer of the Friends of the Sea Cliff Library for many years while I was the President of the Friends. When Sara became our treasurer our financial situation became clear and understandable. Through her expert guidance we successfully engaged in fundraising projects to raise funds for the library. Those funds helped  the Friends provide money to our beloved library to buy such things as E-readers and a wide range of museum passes. While Sara moved on to other important volunteer activates, she has remained a tried and true supporter and advisor to the Friends of the Sea Cliff Library.

Plus, Sara is a joy to work with. She has a delightful sense of humor and a caring friendly manner. She is scrupulously ethical and will speak up in a candid caring manner when needed. For example, Sara has been articulate advocate for keeping a rich curriculum in our schools and not have it crowded out by the pressure of high stakes testing. Those are exactly the skills needed on the board.

I urge you to elect Sara Jones as a school board member on Tuesday, May 17. Go and vote! It is very important.

—Carol Poll

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