Sea Cliff Avenue 2015


By Joseph Mazzeo

Chapter One
Sea Cliff Avenue is a big mess
Even the Village has to confess
The road is a complete disaster
No better way to scare people faster
The folks we served, one on one
Are gone now
Our businesses next to none
The Village claims the sewer will help our cause
But that statement called for a 180 pause
The Village claims we’ll hook up soon
Perhaps before the next man on the moon
The people I’ve spoken to, who know a bit more
Believe instead, a long wait is in store
Progress we know can be quite slow
Let’s hope some don’t run out of dough
You’d think they’d tell us…“Hey!!! Put aside a few bucks”
We just don’t know when we’ll get rid of the trucks
Our lives torn asunder
Our business plowed under
No one suggested how to keep us afloat
So here’s Sea Cliff business waving “Bye, Bye” to the boat

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