Sea Cliff Singer Shoots The Moon

Jim Toscano, Concetta Abbate, Roger Street Friedman, Matthew Schneider and Frank

“And I’m alright
Most of the time
It’s just me in the way
I’m gonna live this life with all my might
Make the most of everyday

Roger Street Friedman is living up to his words. In January, the singer-songwriter released his second album, Shoot the Moon, and this spring will be touring it with his band, which includes fellow Sea Cliff musicians Frank Ferrara and Matthew Schneider.

Friedman is excited that the new album, which has been noted to combine Americana, folk, blues, and soul, has received rave reviews, and that he got to record it in his home studio.

“Recording at home allowed us to take the time to really dig into the songs in a way that wouldn’t have been possible if we’d had to use another studio for the sessions,” said Friedman. “I feel really lucky to have had some great guest musicians as well, with both Amy Helm and Nini Camps making cameos, and Glen Cove native Jason Crosby playing keyboards and piano on virtually every song.”

Friedman had a lot of fun shooting the video in Sea Cliff for his song “Everyday.”

“We shot it over the course of two days at a number of locations including Woodpecker Hall and Still Partners,” Friedman said. “Sea Cliff is such a beautiful and magical place. The whole community was very supportive and having so many friends participate was wonderful.”

It was 10 years ago, around the time that his daughter was born, that Friedman started his journey back into music. His lyrics describe the challenges and joys of life—relationship struggles, goals, beautiful moments; Friedman wrote the song “Wonder” for his son.

“Songwriting is difficult, but also the most fulfilling and cathartic aspect of being a musician,” he said. “Playing with great musicians is a blast and sharing the music is fun and rewarding.”
Sounds like fans can count on Friedman to keep making the music that he loves. As he writes on the album’s title track:

“It’s only one and done
You gotta make your own fun
It’s over way too soon
So why not shoot the moon?”

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