Sea Cliff Teen Duo Debuts EP


The Brady Brothers may only be 15, but they are already making a name for themselves. Sea Cliff twins Dylan and Cody Brady are determined to make their mark on the music industry and follow through with their number one passion. The North Shore High School juniors spent their entire summer working on their EP, You + Me, which was released last month on iTunes, and Dylan has also been pegged for a “Make Your Mark” segment currently airing on the Disney Channel.

The Brady Brothers have music in their blood, and being twins, also feel that collaboration they have as a duo works better than any other band combination they’ve experienced thus far in their careers.

Dylan, who says he has been singing since the day he was born and took up the drums at age 6, notes, “We know each other so well; when we’re on stage, if I want to do something different, I can look at him a certain way and he’ll know what I’m saying.”

Cody began playing piano in the third grade, then learned the electric bass and acoustic guitar.  He says their collaboration began with him playing guitar and Dylan singing. But the twins attribute their talent and interest to their father.

“Our main influence is our dad, because he’s been playing guitar the majority of his life,” says Cody.  “He played to us when we were young and we would sing along, so that’s what laid the foundation, or the seeds, for us playing music.”

In fact, Dylan’s first live performance was singing with his dad in Sunset Park in Sea Cliff when he was 10.

The brothers played in a band together before separating and forming The Brady Brothers about a year and a half ago. Since then, they have been busy writing music, playing live gigs and filming videos for YouTube. To draw people to their music, they have been making videos of cover songs and posting about one a week. This way, they always have fresh content.

Since they are each multi-instrumentalists, they try to utilize their skills in their songs. While Dylan does the main vocals and cajon drums, Cody plays bass, guitar and they both play the ukulele.

“We draw from Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, and our favorite band, Walk Off The Earth; they try to branch outside the box and that’s what we try to do. We try to make something that’s different, new and that everybody will enjoy,” says Cody.

And so far, that angle seems to be working for them.

“In the first two days, we charted in the top albums on iTunes; it hit number 90,” says Dylan. “So, for our first release, it’s pretty exciting.”

Another exciting thing happening to the brothers is Dylan’s “Make Your Mark” segment currently airing on Disney, for six months. The minute and a half long segment highlights Dylan’s achievement as a youth ambassador for the Tourette Syndrome Association.

“I became a youth ambassador as a freshman and trained for three days in Washington, DC, and have been going into schools around Long Island and New York ever since,” says Dylan. “I teach acceptance and tolerance, for everything, not just Tourette’s.”

The segment was partially filmed at North Shore Middle School, showing Dylan giving a presentation and also a performance by The Brady Brothers.

He was one of seven kids selected for what he’s doing for the TSA as well as music, and it is expected to air every day for the next six months internationally.

Dylan says he has dreams of hitting a “Justin Bieber level” of fame while Cody believes it’s wise to stay on the college track, for now at least.

“Dylan wants to sell out stadiums,” says Cody, laughing.

“Cody is a genius and could probably cure cancer if he wanted to,” Dylan jokes. “But this is his passion right now.” He adds, “I feel like this is what I was put on the earth to do; there’s nothing else in my life that I’d rather be doing.”

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