Sea Cliff Votes Platform Announced


A group of village residents recently launched Sea Cliff Votes, a new nonpartisan campaign aimed at promoting civic participation in Sea Cliff for local, regional and national elections through voter registration and election information. The platform includes a website and Facebook page and was announced just weeks before the Village of Sea Cliff Board of Trustees election on Tuesday, March 21.

“We wanted to make it enormously easy for people in our village to find out everything they need to know about upcoming elections,” said Chris Sanborn, Sea Cliff resident and founder of digital creative agency, Sanborn. “There’s lots of good information out there—typically it can be found either in the media or on government websites, but you have to dig for it and piece it together. With Sea Cliff Votes, we have the luxury of focusing on just one platform and we hope that our neighbors will find it to be a comprehensive, user-friendly resource.”
Specifically, the website will provide registration information, election details, like dates and locations, and reminders for all elections Sea Cliff residents can participate in. The site will also include candidate profiles, as well as information on the process to become a candidate in future elections.

“There are so many people in our community engaged in politics right now, both on a national and local level. It’s incredibly encouraging to see,” said Suzanne Cohen, Sea Cliff resident and Sea Cliff Votes co-founder. “We’re excited to offer up this digital, interactive resource that we believe, when combined with continued boots on the ground efforts, will directly impact voter turnout.”

This is the first time the Village of Sea Cliff has seen a contested Board of Trustees election in years. The last time an election was contested was in 2012. During that election, 714 people turned out to vote. Typically the turnout is much lower.

“It’s a critical time in our country’s politics, and local elections matter now more than ever,” said Cohen. “Regardless of your party affiliation, get informed, get registered and get out to vote. It really does make a difference.”

The website and Facebook page will be updated regularly. Residents of Sea Cliff can sign up using their email address to get notifications about upcoming elections and related information.

The group emphasized that they do not promote or debate particular candidates, policy positions or political views on this website nor are they affiliated with the Incorporated Village of Sea Cliff.

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