Service Changes On LIRR Over The Weekend


Buses will replace trains on the Oyster Bay Branch on Saturday, June 18, from 12:39 a.m. until 8:52 p.m. and again on Sunday, June 19, from 12:39 a.m. until 12:52 p.m. to allow the Long Island Rail Road to carry out a track resurfacing project.

Eastbound customers will travel by train as far as Mineola, then board buses for service to stations East Williston through Oyster Bay or travel by train to Locust Valley and board vans for the final leg of the trip and Oyster Bay Station. The following regularly scheduled trains are canceled:

• On Saturday, the 1:45 a.m. train from Jamaica is canceled and replaced with train service to Mineola, where customers will board buses.

• On Saturday, the 8:52 a.m. through 11:47 p.m. trains from Jamaica terminate at Locust Valley.

• On Sunday only, the 1:45 a.m., 8:52 a.m. and 10:52 a.m. trains from Jamaica will terminate at Locust Valley, with vans to Oyster Bay.

Westbound customers at stations Oyster Bay through East Williston will board buses or vans up to 64 minutes later than normal to travel to Mineola, then take the train to points west or board a van at Oyster Bay for Locust Valley 15 minutes earlier than normal.

• On Saturday, the 6:19 a.m., 7:19 a.m. and 8:19 a.m. trains from Oyster Bay are canceled and replaced with alternate bus service to Mineola.

• On Saturday, the 10:19 a.m. through 10:19 p.m. trains from Oyster Bay will originate at Locust Valley.

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