Silver Medal Winner Honored


Glen Cove resident Emily Colon was recognized for her recent second place win in the Golden Gloves tournament at the Tuesday, April 26, Glen Cove City Council meeting.

“We have a very special young woman who represented our city proudly,” said Mayor Reginald Spinello. “She was the 2016 silver medal winner in the New York Daily News Gold Gloves championship. She fought a 10-time champion, knocking her down three times.”
He asked Colon to tell the audience about the fight held at the Barclays Center that had a crowd of 3,000 people.

“It was a great experience,” said Colon, who took on nine-time Golden Gloves Champion Christina Cruz. “I fought the number one ranked girl in New York state, number one in the United States, she’s on the USA team and I did great against her. It was a great experience and I’ll be back next year.”

Mayor Spinello presented a Citation of Recognition to boxer Emily Colon (Photos by Tab Hauser)

Spinello introduced Frank Pena, who runs the Glen Cove Boxing Club where Colon trains.

“She fought a girl that was really tough. She has been to the Olympic trials, won the nationals and is best in the country,” said Pena.

He noted that Colon, 28, started training with him at age 13 and is now the “best boxer on Long Island.” She will fight this month in Hempstead.

“We’re going to keep her busy so that when the Golden Gloves come again, she’ll be ready,” said Pena.

Pena mentioned that the club is open for those interested in training; they have a strict policy of no drugs, no alcohol and no smoking.

“Even if you don’t become champion, at least you can become a good citizen,” Pena said.
During the meeting, the council passed a resolution authorizing the issuance of bonds and bond anticipation notes in an amount not to exceed $2,722,364, to fund various 2016 capital improvements and equipment.

“We are asking to fund the city’s capital plan for 2016; the departments submitted their requests for capital improvements and equipment,” said Spinello. “After meeting with each department to better understand their submissions, adjustments were made, either eliminating or postponing various requests in order to reduce the amount of borrowing needed, but still provide sufficient funding to continue to improve our infrastructure and provide our staff with better equipment to serve the citizens of Glen Cove.

“Over the past several years, we’ve attempted to keep our new borrowing under the principal payments for the year, thus  reducing our overall longterm debt and this year will be no different,” said Spinello.

Mayor Spinello, Mrs. Colon, Emily Colon and Frank Pena with Glen Cove City Council members Nick DiLeo, Efraim Spagnoletti, Pamela Panzenbeck, Joseph Capobianco, Roderick Watson and Timothy Tenke

The city also passed a resolution to enter into a contract agreement with Livingston Development Corp. for reimbursement of all legal fees, costs and expenses incurred associated with invoices regarding the lawsuit entitled Epstein and Silverman v. Glen Cove & Livingston et al. This will help reduce the burden on the city and on taxpayers for the lawsuit filed by residents opposed to the scope of the proposed Villa at Glen Cove condominium development project.

Additionally, the council agreed to temporarily name Bridge Street “Richie Cannata Way” from July 1 through Aug. 26, in honor of the Glen Cove musician who was inducted in the Long Island Music Hall of Fame in October 2014, along with other members of the Billy Joel Band. Spinello said the street name will be in effect during the Downtown Sounds summer concert series, which Cannata also performs at every August.

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