Support For Football Team


Before the Nassau County Football Championship, the Big Red Football team was sent good luck wishes from classes at Landing Elementary School. The team was so happy to receive the letters, they posted them by their showcase for the entire school to see.

FootballSupport_121615ATo show their appreciation, the Big Red went to Landing to thank the students for their support. Led by coaches Pete Kopecky and Steve Tripp, Big Red players Michael Payton, Andres Sican, Tim Hogan, Sha Lettelier, Christian Guevarra, Gaetano Famiglietti, Jared Buehre, Devron James and Joey Grella spoke to the kids about how happy they were to receive so much support from the community and how proud they were to represent Glen Cove in the playoffs. The boys also answered questions from the kids about football and the playoffs, keeping up with homework and classwork and who their favorite players are.

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