Support Zangari For Council


I am writing in support of Democrat Michael Zangari’s candidacy for Glen Cove City Council. As his wife (and president of his fan club, as I often say), who knows him better then me? While I do know his weaknesses, his strengths certainly outweigh them.

Michael is a man with determination and courage for his middle name. I have seen his struggles and I have seen him struggle, with determination, to overcome them. As a young man that chose to fit himself into a society that often looked upon a person of his physical stature and disability with doubt, Michael has always proved his doubters wrong. His ethics and honesty are uncompromised. His tenacity when accomplishing tasks is to be admired. His loyalty to those that he loves and who love him in return will always be never-ending, as is his loyalty to the City of Glen Cove. He cares deeply about the community he has chosen to reside in and has dedicated himself to giving back and making life better for others.

This is the man that, when faced with a major surgical procedure—a kidney transplant in 2009—drove himself and family members to the Manhattan hospital on the morning of his own surgery. Two weeks before that surgery and on the verge of kidney dialysis, I have seen him rip up carpeting from the floors of the home we now live in. I have seen him rescue a nonprofit wheelchair basketball team from financial ruin when their funds ($14,000) were stolen from them, and successfully get monies returned to them. He has literally carried his own wheelchair up and down stairs to coach basketball to local able-bodied pre-K and kindergarten children at two different CYO programs.

Years before Michael was approached by the Glen Cove Democrats to now run for a city council position, Michael’s interests in the good of the City of Glen Cove were obvious by his constant attendance at both pre-council and city council meetings. He was honored to be chosen as a member of the Glen Cove Hall of Fame in 2009 and further honored soon after when asked to join Glen Cove’s Recreation Commission.

Michael cares about everyone. Several years ago he did everything in his power to make the final days more comfortable for a World War II Veteran, who was also a POW survivor, who just happened to be my ex-father-in-law. His dedication to this man brought two estranged families together and his connection with them formed a deep friendship that exists to this day. This is the man I am fortunate to live with. This is the man who will not let you down, that will lay awake at night trying to find a way to improve everything and anything for the children, young adults and citizens of Glen Cove and he WILL make it happen. I ask you for your support and your vote for my husband, Democrat Michael Zangari, on Tuesday, Nov. 3.
—Janice Zangari

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