Thank You, Mr. Zatlin


Recently, Newsday published an article about my candidacy for Glen Cove City Council. The title was a bit misleading and so was the article, but it did allow many people to learn of my candidacy and that I am a write-in candidate!

I was aware from the first day I entered the race that I would be a write-in. For the local GOP to claim a success in removing me from the ballot is a just another example of the smoke and mirrors they offer the public.

For the past week, people have been calling, stopping me in the street, and emailing their support. People are unhappy that the party bosses are trying to dictate who the people can choose from, but this process has actually helped me to get my message out and to see how many people support my candidacy and my priorities for Glen Cove.

Simply put, no one removed me from the ballot, because I was never going to be on the ballot. Having gathered signatures and successfully petitioned for “opportunity to ballot” is what qualified me as a write-in candidate, since I haven’t been a Republican long enough to qualify for a conventional ballot listing. I successfully collected the support of Glen Cove Republicans, despite not having the party bosses support. That’s not a victory for the establishment; it’s a victory for those voters desperate for a change. Desperate for at least a choice!

This election is historic—not only because of the challenges facing our city, but because the party machines are actually working together in an attempt to limit your choices at the ballot box. The mayoral incumbent has gathered up all the major party endorsements. Add in council candidate cross-endorsements and this ballot becomes a confusing menu.

But as we approach Primary Day on Sept. 10, your choice is simple.

When you step into the booth, write in “John Perrone” and vote for the rest of Team Gallo! Thank you for your support.

—John Perrone

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