Thank You, North Shore Community


The 2015-2016 School Budget passed by 1,266 yes votes to 414 no votes. Proposition 2 also passed with 1,266 yes votes to 305 no votes. Herman Berliner and Toni Labbate were re-elected to the Board of Education with 1,121 and 1,174 votes respectively.
I would like to sincerely thank the North Shore community for coming out on May 19 to cast your ballots. It is gratifying to work within a community in which quality public education is genuinely valued. It is this level of community support that has resulted in our district’s outstanding reputation for preparing students to think critically and to creatively solve problems, as they continue their passionate pursuit of learning. The North Shore School District is special and we applaud you for keeping our schools and community strong and vital.
I offer my sincere gratitude to our trustees for their efforts to maintain responsible fiscal management practices and effective oversight while creating a budget that maintains the quality of our programs. Thanks to all of the community members who have volunteered their support to benefit our students in so many ways—from parents who offer their time in our schools, to citizens and community leaders who have taken the time to come to Board of Education budget meetings and town meetings that were held throughout the year. Your involvement is vital now and in the future to the North Shore School District.
I would also like to thank all the residents who took the time to attend the budget coffees, called or wrote with questions and checked the website to inquire about the budget this year. I appreciate all your efforts to make an informed decision.
With your continued support, we are committed to working very hard in our efforts to offer our students deep and meaningful learning opportunities that not only foster strong habits of mind, but also support the development of critical thinking skills. In addition, we look forward to continuing to build upon the school-community partnership that exists here at North Shore…one that always puts the needs of our children first.

Dr. Edward Melnick, Superintendent of North Shore Schools

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