The Buck Stops At City Hall


If concerned Glen Cove citizens cannot go to the mayor in a public meeting for answers to questions which bother them, then who should they turn to?

As he has done in the past, Michael Levy makes a long-winded attempt to take the heat off his friend, Reginald Spinello, after the mayor’s loss of decorum at the last public meeting of the city council.

After directing a police officer who was present to stand next to a woman from the audience as she tried to address him, Spinello abruptly ended the meeting without notice or explanation.
It was an uncharacteristic display for an elected official. It certainly requires some damage control, perhaps from council members who felt the mayor’s behavior was a poor and unwelcome reflection upon themselves.

Residents were there to ask how the city might help to thwart the possible closing or leaving town of the Glen Cove YMCA. It is a nagging  issue which Mr. Spinello refuses to address, except to repeat that it is none of his business. But wasn’t he elected mayor to make everything that happens in Glen Cove his business? Meanwhile, it remains an unresolved and contentious matter between the YMCA and its landlord, Neighborhood House.

The general public seems to believe the Y is worth saving and preserving within the city. But nobody has come forward to intervene and help negotiate a satisfactory agreement between the two parties.

Mr. Levy seeks empathy for the mayor by saying he has been “exercising remarkable restraint” to stay out of it. Right now, however, the City of Glen Cove needs a leader willing to get into it.

—Joe Krupinski
Sea Cliff

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