The Glen Cove Community?


The Glen Cove resident who made the case that people who don’t live in the city shouldn’t have a voice in the development of the waterfront is just plain wrong (Record Pilot, Aug. 10). For those of us living near Glen Cove, it is our city too. We do our shopping there, visit our doctors, frequent the restaurants, go to the movies and use the parks. As consumers, our business is vital to the fiscal health of the city, its citizens and its merchants. Our voice should matter.

The writer also makes the case that those of us opposed to the RXR Garvies Point project are opposed to any kind of development, that we are resistant to “change.” That is not true. We too would like to see the waterfront developed— in a sustainable way for both the environment and for the fiscal health of the city. The proposed plan is simply too big and too leveraged to succeed.

We all want a waterfront that our children and grandchildren can enjoy for years to come.  What is currently being proposed will destroy our communities, not sustain them.

—Michele Alexander, Sea Cliff
Committee for a Sustainable Waterfront


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