The Lone Voice Of Opposition


At last Tuesday’s planning board meeting, John Perrone was the only  member of that board who had the courage of his conviction to cast a “no” vote on the proposal to increase the number of residential units to over 1,000 in a building that would stand 11 stories high at Garvies Point and dominate the shore landscape forever.

As John Perrone told me afterwards, his was not a political decision, but rather the right decision for Glen Cove, a town in need of reform. It needs to start somewhere.

Keep this in mind when voting on Nov. 3, Election Day, because he is running for a seat on the city council with Team Gallo on the Glen Cove United line. Perrone had the courage to stand alone Tuesday night and that’s good enough for me. One lone voice can lead to a chorus.

—K. Lappano

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