Tree Planted At Former Exxon-Mobil Property


Davey Tree donated a Red Maple (Acer rubrum) tree to enhance the entrance to the North Shore Land Alliance’s nature preserve on April 29 at 95 Shore Rd. in Cold Spring Harbor. The planting took place in honor of Arbor Day.

Arbor Day was first proposed nearly 150 years ago by J. Sterling Morton, who, with his wife, left his home in Detroit to put down roots (so to speak) in Nebraska. His adopted state was filled with prairies and had few trees and he, along with his fellow pioneers, missed their trees. Morton encouraged them to plant trees as windbreaks across the prairies and to provide shelter from hot sun. As a journalist he promoted tree-planting to wide audiences and, in 1872, as secretary of the Nebraska Territory, he proposed the tree-planting holiday to the State Board of Agriculture.

DaveyTree_051816AThe tree planted at Shore Road is native to the area and will help to beautify the preserve entrance, particularly with its glorious red leaves in early fall. Red maple seeds are eaten by squirrels and birds and the species is pollinated by bees and butterflies, including Tiger Swallowtails and Mourning Cloaks, in early spring.

“Davey Tree has provided a variety of tree services for us at several of our preserves over the years,” said Jane Jackson, Land Alliance Director of Stewardship. “Much of the work has been donated and it is always first rate. We are honored that they have expressed their generosity by planting a tree that will grace the gateway to the grassland at our Shore Road property.”

She added, “It was just a few years ago that oil tanks occupied this property. Now the property’s eight acres function to protect the quality of our drinking water, Cold Spring Harbor and Long Island Sound.”

“I’m still learning about and astounded by the variety and magnitude of the preserves the Land Alliance owns and manages,” said Kevin Sheehan, certified arborist. “We are delighted to support the important work they are doing to protect Long Island’s natural areas.”

For more information, contact Jane Jackson at 516-626-0908 or email her at

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