Trustee Deb McDermott


I am proud to call Deb McDermott my friend. As a 30-year Sea Cliff resident, I had the privilege and good fortune to know Deb and her husband Dan, along with their two children since they moved into Sea Cliff. I’ve known her in her role as a mother, a devoted wife, neighbor, an active community member and a colleague on the Legislative Action Committee of the North Shore School District.

I was thrilled when I learned that Deb was considering running for the position of trustee in Sea Cliff Village. I thought how fortunate for Sea Cliff. Not because her work experience makes her so well qualified or because she’s such a gifted communicator, and she definitely is both, but because her passion for wanting to make Sea Cliff the best place it can possibly be has always been so abundantly evident. Deb believes that every resident of the Sea Cliff community deserves a voice in village affairs and is entitled to know how the elected officials conduct the village’s business. She’ll make it her mission. She is fully transparent and beholden to no one.

There will be much campaigning leading up to the trustee vote on March 21. You’ll hear the laundry list of qualifications from the three candidates and their beliefs on why you should choose her or him. Deb will shine on those accounts. But when you go to vote and it’s time to pull the lever, remember these words: “There is not a day that I have lived here (SC) that I don’t feel lucky and grateful for being here. I love Sea Cliff.” Those are the words of Deb McDermott. Those are the words of someone you want representing you.

Tom Murphy
Two-term Sea Cliff Village Trustee

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