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As a parent of two children, who are currently attending school in the North Shore School District, it is hopeful to know that Cheryl Brown, one of this year’s Board of Education candidates, is someone who has children currently attending school in the district, and is also an educator in the New York State public school system. She is current on what is happening in the public schools from both a parent and community member experience, and from the experience as a public school educator.

Cheryl is a caring and involved parent, a kind-hearted neighbor, and a dedicated community member. She has a child in each level of the district: elementary, middle school and high school. As a mother of three school-age children, she is experiencing the day-to-day issues at each level of education, and she is able to see first-hand where our district thrives and where we as a community have the potential to grow stronger. She is also a very involved community member, who is always willing to go the extra mile to better the community, takes the time to listen, and does not shy away from taking on a challenge. She has served on the legislative committee for three years, traveling to Albany to meet with legislators to fight for receiving our fair share of school funding. This shows her dedication to the community.

Cheryl has been a teacher in the Islip School District for over 21 years where she is very involved in creating, promoting and piloting new initiatives, focusing in the areas of technology, science, wellness and other academic areas. She is always looking for ways to improve upon and enhance the student’s academic experience. She has served as the teacher liaison to the Parent Teacher Association in her school because she believes in the importance of keeping an open line of communication with the community.

Most importantly Cheryl believes in educating children to their fullest potential. Cheryl Brown will make a great leader for the entire community.  I urge you to go out and vote for Cheryl Brown as trustee for the North Shore Schools Board of Education on Tuesday, May 16.

Tara Owens

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