Vote For Budget, Proposal And Jones


On Tuesday, May 17, our community will again vote for our school budget, three school board trustees and a school capital reserve proposal.

While voting for the school budget and for the capital reserve proposal, please also vote for Sara Jones for school board trustee.

Voting for the school budget is a no-brainer. Our school board has given us a budget that stays within the 2 percent tax levy cap and it maintains all our great school programs. Voting for the capital reserve proposal also makes sense. The proposal gives the school board permission to create a capital reserve for a period of 10 years that can be funded up to a maximum of $8.5 million. These funds could be used for physical plant-building projects but will require another community vote to spend the funds. Voting for this proposal assures our community is able to maintain the physical structure of our schools.

Lastly, please vote for Sara Jones for board of education trustee. Sara is a tireless volunteer who has already proven herself on the board of education for the last three years. She is a small business owner and a parent who brings common sense decision making to our community leadership.

—Douglas and Mary Ellen Wefer

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