Vote For McDermott


I can’t remember the exact time we met Deb and Dan McDermott because I feel as though they have lived in Sea Cliff forever. Like Mike and I, they may always be newcomers compared to those lucky enough to grow up here. But, Deb and her family have fit perfectly into the fabric of life in Sea Cliff beginning the day they moved into their home. Deb is ready to bring her enthusiasm for Sea Cliff to the office of trustee. I am thrilled to recommend her for the job.

Deb’s profile shows she is highly qualified and explains why she is a familiar face around the village. Not mentioned is that she is a former NCAA swimmer and diver. That experience, similar to my own, shows a goal oriented mind set and perseverance. Deb and Dan are, also, the connection to a camping weekend in Montauk for over 50 Sea Cliff families. They have encouraged and organized friends and neighbors to endure sand, gale force winds and rain with the outcome just a huge amount of fun every September.

On her profile Deb lists her role on the Board of Education Leadership Action Committee. Her work on this committee cannot be overstated. In order to prevent exorbitant tax increases and a loss of funding for our school district, Deb, as part of the committee, worked thanklessly across political, governmental and business divides.

The positive outcome maintains the value of our homes, the quality of our education system and prevents people from moving away who could not afford the threatened tax increase. Deb McDermott, mom, career woman, volunteer, athlete and neighbor has earned my vote.

—Gwynne Lennon

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