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As you know the budget vote is coming up in a few short days. Every year brings new challenges and obstacles for our school district. This year is no different. Our usual hardships like budget constraints, never ending state mandates and ever increasing costs are now combined with important staff turnover which will affect our district.

With this in mind, I am forever conscious of the important decision in electing a North Shore Board of Education trustee. What I’m looking for in a trustee is simple. He or she has to be knowledgeable about current district philosophies, practices and challenges. He or she has to have an in-depth knowledge about policies and current guiding principles. A trustee must also be involved in our community and be an active volunteer. A trustee has to ask questions and not be intimidated to express a different opinion. But most of all, he or she has to be fiscally conservative and responsible.

To that end, Richard Galati is the perfect candidate for Board of Education trustee.

Mr. Galati was a North Shore High School teacher for over 30 years. Throughout his distinguished career, Mr. Galati consistently put the students first and focused on giving each of them increased opportunities in and out of the classroom. Mr. Galati was in charge of many activities and after school programs as well as instituted the extensive Physics AP curriculum. As a North Shore community member, Mr. Galati is now serving and has served on many committees to benefit our district. Mr. Galati is very measured and is not afraid to challenge the status quo. That a trustee must be fiscally conservative is an understatement.  With ever increasing costs, it is a trustee’s duty to examine budgets and possible expenses carefully and soundly.

Mr. Galati is well versed on the challenges ahead while realizing that North Shore is a special place.  Please come out and vote on May 16 and give Mr. Galati the support he needs and deserves.

Nathalie Woods

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