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With this year’s unprecedented local election climate, I would like to introduce myself as a candidate for Glen Cove City Council.

What I can offer constituents of Glen Cove is unparalleled dedication and service to our community and a sharp attention to detail, which is critical in analyzing financial documents. Above all, I do this with true devotion and a willingness to make the quality of life better for others. It’s what I do for my family and it’s what I do for my patients. It’s what I want to do for you.

f9cfdfba097b469d8c4a4af36aaa7833Though my values may be considered old-fashioned in a somewhat sentimental way, my background can be described as very modern day—married with a blended family and the need/desire to work outside the home. I balance school meetings, sports schedules and (more than our share of) doctor appointments. I understand the finely-woven interactions between the city, our schools, a brisk local business center, healthy recreation, the needs of commuters, and smart/green/sustainable development.

I’ve been a dermatologist in Garden City for 17 years and am on-staff at Glen Cove, Winthrop and Columbia-Presbyterian Hospitals. I pride myself on focusing on the issues of children and their families, which has resulted in long tenures with the Community Scholarship Fund, the Glen Cove Arts Council, and the YMCA. I also enjoy interacting in both my neighborhood community and the local business environment. In 10 years of serving my civic association where I am concluding my fourth term as president, I spend as much time organizing entertainment and educational events as I do striving to maintain property values and addressing environmental concerns. This fall, I have the pleasure of organizing a Halloween event, a beach ecology walk, and a CPR course for our youngest members. I also enjoy collaborating with all the local businesspersons who constitute the Chamber of Commerce.

My background in Glen Cove government began with years of attending city council meetings. During my appointment to the CDA (Community Development Agency), I became familiar with local development projects, in particular, the re-development of the waterfront, and was appointed this year to the newly-formed Charter Review Commission, which is educating me in the intricasies of our city’s governing document.

Votes in my favor may also be cast on the Working Families Party and the Women’s Equality Party lines, but I hope you will remember all of my teammates on the Democratic ticket: Madeline Singas for District Attorney, Delia DeRiggi-Whitton for County Legislator, and for City Council, Dan Cox, Mike Famiglietti, Bob Machida, Tim Tenke and Mike Zangari.

Vote Row A, All the Way!

—Dr. Eve Lupenko
Candidate for City Council

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