Vote Silverman Sept. 12


It is my pleasure to support the candidacy of Marsha Silverman in the Democratic Party primary on Sept. 12. Those who regularly attend City Council meetings and other community forums will immediately understand this recommendation. Simply put, Marsha is always the best-prepared person in the room. She is dedicated to keeping on top of all matters related to the governance of Glen Cove. That, combined with her professional background as a financial analyst, means she has the knowledge and acumen to evaluate budgets, proposals and other matters to the benefit of Glen Cove’s taxpayers.

For reasons known only to the leadership of the Glen Cove Democratic Committee, this highly qualified and knowledgeable candidate, passionate about serving our community, was not selected for the Democratic slate. It’s likely that each of the candidates they selected is sincerely interested in serving the community. But save notably for Annie Phillips and Rod Watson, I’ve not heard the others speak at City Council or other community meetings, nor seen comments from them in the several Glen Cove community-interest pages on Facebook, nor seen letters to the editor on topics of concern to the community in local newspapers. So I don’t know why these others are running or what special talents they may have to offer us.

But I do know why Marsha is running and how having her on our City Council will benefit us. Marsha wants to bring her financial expertise, analytical skills and dedication to the service of our community. Let’s help her do this. If you are a registered Democrat in Glen Cove, please join me on Sept. 12 in casting a vote for Marsha Silverman so that she earns a place on the ballot come Election Day.

—Doris Meadows

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